2.4.16 |

So, you think you know about the lifestyle of the modern Alpha Male! Nick Graham produced an amazing collection at the Skylight Clarkson North in New York City for Men’s Fashion Week 2016.  This fall/ winter season he focused on national parks. Inspiration came from all things you would find in an American national park – pine cones, feathers, twigs, leaves, etc. He took the idea of how men travel through a forest and amplify the elegance that many different stylish men can gather just from being one with nature post prep.




The stylists of the collection took very simple pieces such as hats, gloves, and lapels of a jacket, and surrounded the aspects of nature around them. Not only were the products surrounded by decorations of nature, the pieces varied in small and large sizes. They enhanced the style Nick went for in the collection.

When I walked into the platform to view the masterpiece, I was followed by Bill Nye the Science Guy.  You know the children’s program that interested youth in science topics like biology, chemistry, and physics. This television program was called “Bill Guy, the Science Guy.” we Yes, Bill. He was just as goofy in person as I remember he was when I was nine years old.




So, Bill and I were present at a men’s fashion event during the 2016 Men’s Fashion Week.  It was a men’s clothing collection by Nick Graham.  For those of you that don’t know, this isn’t the first collaboration Graham was a part of that honored a specific subject. Nick Graham recently collaborated with Bill Nye to design special limited editions bow ties that honored the work of Bill Nye. Their focus was science and ties.

Speaking of science and ties, we were greeted with headphones when we walked into the platform. All of the models were in two rows, facing each other inward. As Bill and I entered, we listened to a narrator explain what exactly we were looking at. To be honest, the idea was brilliant. We were in a museum.




This museum featured various men who represented different national parks. To develop this collection, Nick Graham looked at iconic national parks of the United States. He even invited rangers to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the national parks.

Each model was a man, “flown in” from a different park, to celebrate the event. It was a diverse selection of men. Each man had an extremely artistic style. All were put in slim-fit three piece suits, waistcoats, and vests with rich Lumberjack plaids, and Scottish tartans in deep reds and moss greens. The group of men reminded me of extremely fashionable runaways who went on a camping trip one day, with their best suit, a steamer, a washer, and musk of nature to be the man they were meant to be.




This is a great time to add that the name of this collection is called “Men in Their Natural Habitat.” Remember when I mentioned that I was given a pair of headphones at the beginning? Remember how this all feels like a museum? The headphones were explaining how the alpha male exists today. In fact, the narrator began his speech with, “Now let’s learn a little more about Men.” Later he went on to say, known to move in packs, sometimes ‘belly-bump’ each other at sporting events or ‘high-five’ when they have completed a successful transaction. The most common time for the species to congregate is in the early evening, when they gather at watering holes after foraging for money in the forests of capitalism.” You get the drift. He gave geographic insight or clues on where you can find these men, and how they benefit from technological advancements because they don’t have to ask for directions. That is what the narrator stated.

Moving on, the alpha males looked very rugged and well kept at the same time. All of the pant legs were rolled up to about half way up the calves. Under the cuffs of the pant legs, thick deer printed socks came down, and filled their boots. One model, Sebastian Sauve, even had floors coming out of his. He was representing Big Bend Park in San Antonio, Texas. He also had on a navy 2 piece suit and a floral print shirt.




Honestly, this walk through all of the national parks was a good catch. It made me pay close attention to what was underneath all of the decorations that enhanced the scene. Some of my favorite pieces were a Black Skull Bow Tie, a black quilted barn coat,  and a blue pinstriped suit.

Graham, founder of JOE BOXER  and a longtime member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America,  has definitely out done himself. If you do not buy any of this collection for the quality of the clothes, it is worth it to purchase a selection or two of the pieces for the tasteful satire of the wild and fashionable. This men’s fashion collection created by Nick Graham for his FW16 presentation is delightful, thought provoking, educational, and enlightening.