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This Is | Isha Sumner Guitierrez

THIS IS | Liza Jessie Peterson

In this episode, we meet Liza Jessie Peterson, an author, actor, playwright, activist and educator who uses her writing as a medium to address real world problems.

The Most Impressive Art Museum In New York Is Actually A Hotel

Gramercy Park Hotel boasts the largest hotel art collection in New York and one of the most impressive collections in the world with over $50 million worth of art at any given time in the hotel.

THIS IS | Nicolas Hunziker

In this episode, we meet Nicolas Hunziker, an automotive fine artist that is fueled by passion.

THIS IS | Miles Mosley

In this episode, we meet Miles Mosley. Mosley is a singer-songwriter whose life was changed the moment he played an upright bass.

THIS IS | Sierra Prescott

In this episode, we meet Sierra Prescott. Prescott is a professional skateboarder and photographer.

THIS IS | Rodney Lucas

Rodney Lucas is a storyteller from the South Side of Chicago. Through music, art, and film, Lucas aims to change the narrative of the South Side.