Halo Sport Headset Aims To Synchronize The Brain And Body Of Olympics Athletes

These headphones help athletes get more from their training through a unique technology called "Neuropriming"

By Tobe Attah

As much as brute physical force helps athletes gain better stamina and strength, involving the brain in the workout can ultimately yield better development and performance. Synchronizing the brain’s motor cortex during training enables the body to build optimized neuronal circuity for athletic movement, thereby facilitating a state of hyperlearning for the body.

Halo Neuroscience has decided to implement this “neuropriming” phenomenon into their very first product, the Halo Sport headset. This headset kit aims to provide athletes the opportunity to elevate their skills, strength, endurance, and even explosiveness using technology that stimulates the brain’s motor cortex.

“Halo gives athletes an edge by increasing activation of the motor cortex during each training session,” Halo Neuroscience commented in their blog. “Increased motor cortex activation is the driving force behind Neuropriming, as it directly strengthens neural drive and enhances fast, online learning.”

This headset improves neuromuscular output for athletes, allowing them to efficiently learn how they should move their bodies in more coordinated and precise ways. This idea being implemented into every day workouts can essentially improve people’s technical abilities within their respective sports.

“My goal with Halo Sport is to improve technical positioning during hurdles, and I’m excited to say that my technique has improved a great deal since I started using the device,” Trinidad & Tobago Olympic hurdler Mikel Thomas told PR Newswire. “I feel much more confident about going into the Olympics this summer, and I know that I’ve positioned myself well for the rest of the track season.”

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