Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Nintendo Switch

March 2017 cannot come fast enough.

By Ben Roazen

After a year and a half of rumors and speculation, Nintendo has finally lifted the veil on its NX project and revealed its new console, which they’ve dubbed Nintendo Switch. The system’s announcement comes hot on the heels of Nintendo’s first formal foray into mobile gaming (the Japanese giant announced a partnership with Apple at the Cupertino goliath’s event just last month). The Switch’s teaser revealed quite a bit about the console, so without any further ado, here’s everything you should know about the new console:

It’s Super-Portable












As many had speculated, the Nintendo Switch will be a hybrid of both a home console and a portable gaming experience: the controller connects to the Switch Dock, which in turn plugs into the user’s TV for home use, but with just a couple clicks and slides the sides can be detached and re-attached to a portable tablet display which the player can then carry around with them; the screen even has a kickstand, freeing up your hands. The portable display also appears to be the brains of the console’s operation. This means that you can effectively walk around with all of your saved data with you at all times, lest the opportunity to throw down comes around.

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