MB&F Unveils the Racing-Inspired Horological Machine 8

MB&F debuts new watch inspired by the silhouette of Can-Am race cars.

By John Biggs

Long dedicated to space, spiders, and robots, MB&F has finally come back to earth with the Horological Machine 8, a new watch inspired by the silhouette of Can-Am race cars.

This watch is part of the “Horological Machine” series, a set of handmade watches that look like a cross between something that belongs on a Jules Verne submarine and a piece of expensive chocolate. This latest piece is far thinner than the previous models and takes its cues from race cars. It features a case made of precious metals and titanium, a unique movement, and vertical dial configuration that shows the time inside two curved pieces of crystal.

Max Busser, the founder of MB&F, wrote that he always wanted to be a car designer and that the HM8 is the next best thing.

“It wouldn’t take much to scale HM8 up to car size, drop a 1,000+ horsepower motor under the sapphire crystal hood and put a set of slick racing tyres under the chassis,” he wrote. While this statement is a bit hyperbolic the HM8 does have roll bars.

Can-Am is short for the Canadian-American Challenge Cup that ran from 1966 to 1987. The race was where Bruce McLaren launched his first care and it allowed for unlimited engine sizes, aerodynamics, and supercharging. In short, it was an anything-goes technologically-focused race dedicated to pushing the envelope. Busser, for his part, tried to grab a little of the Can-Am cool and I think he succeeded. This piece is reminiscent of the HM5 but features an airier, lighter design that shows off the movement quite beautifully.

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