The Q-Collar Has Shown To Be Effective In Reducing Sports Related Brain Injuries

Q30 Innovations is helping to reduce the impact of traumatic brain injuries

By: Spencer Klein

Reducing brain injuries in sports is a constant issue that is trying to be resolved by numerous innovations. Q30 Innovations may have developed the newest solution to reduce the impact of traumatic brain injuries with the the creation of one of their newest products the Q-Collar.

Q30 Innovations designs products to protect from traumatic brain injuries based on scientific research and have developed the Q-Collar. The Q-Collar is a C-shaped neck collar that is the first technology to use human’s internal physiology to protect the skull rather than an external protector, like a helmet.

The slosh effect is one of the larger causes of traumatic brain injury. Human’s brains float in cerebrospinal fluid and the movement of the brain in the fluid is regarded as slosh. The Q-Collar increases the blood volume in the cranium, which in result helps to reduce the slosh effect and protect from brain injury.

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