This ‘Smart Helmet’ Lets Cyclists Listen To Music Through Their Bones, Not Ears

Coros' new helmet include headphones which deliver noise through bone conduction technology.

By Taylor Soper

While some cyclists enjoy listening to music with headphones on a bike ride, there are plenty of safety risks involved when you can’t hear anything else in the general vicinity except the tunes blasting through your earbuds.

A new sports tech startup out of Redmond, Wash., hopes to solve this problem.

Coros today announced its first product: a “smart helmet” that include headphones which deliver noise through what’s called bone conduction technology.

Coros President Chuck Frizelle, who previously worked at Microsoft for 14 years before joining Jawbone in 2014, explained that his company’s new helmet utilizes small transducers that vibrate against your cheekbone or jawbone and allow sound reach your audio cavity without passing through an eardrum.

“You don’t have to have anything over your ear,” Frizelle told GeekWire.

The idea is to let folks wirelessly listen to music and podcasts, make phone calls, communicate with other bikers, and much more, all while having full awareness of their immediate surroundings.

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