Carmelo Anthony energized with the Thunder: ‘This is Melo having fun again’

n the 79 months since Carmelo Anthony was last a resident in the Western Conference, Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan have retired; Dirk Nowitzki is still around, but the Dallas Mavericks are no longer a threat; the Hornets are now the Pelicans; the Los Angeles Lakers are undergoing a rebuild; Kevin Durant is now a Golden State Warrior; and all but two of the players and draft picks the Denver Nuggets acquired in dealing him to New York have moved on to other teams. (Heck, Raymond Felton is now his teammate for the second time.) A lot should change in nearly seven years, but after accepting a trade to the Oklahoma City Thunder, Anthony has returned to a situation that is eerily familiar: the more difficult path to the NBA Finals remains west of the Mississippi River.

“You’ve got to want that,” Anthony told The Vertical. “You’ve got to have that edge about you. We’ve got that edge about us. That was no factor in my decision, whether it was East or West.”

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