The First ‘Pop-Up Hotel’ In The World Is Coming Soon

The pop-up concept has yet to get a foothold in hospitality. Until now.

Pop-up restaurants — those limited edition dining experiences spawned by the food truck movement — have become commonplace. For rockstar chefs, these are their tours, their chance to connect with the fans who follow them on social media and are anxious to experience their cuisine. Similarly, pop-up shops have allowed designers and makers to release their wares to select customers. And they’re being used left and right by advertisers and big brands.

But the pop-up concept has yet to get a foothold in hospitality. Until now. Creator Thierry Teyssier doesn’t like the term “pop-up,” preferring to call his new concept 700’000 Heures a “wandering hotel.” But we use it because it’s a comparison that feels apt — as the hotel will take up short-lived residency in an exotic location, just long enough to provide a one-of-a-kind experience to guests before vanishing and reemerging elsewhere to do it all over again.


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