Stories of individuals and groups affecting positive change in our communities

This Is | Isha Sumner Guitierrez

THIS IS | Liza Jessie Peterson

In this episode, we meet Liza Jessie Peterson, an author, actor, playwright, activist and educator who uses her writing as a medium to address real world problems.

The Best Cities To See Street Art

The internet has allowed creators and their audiences to connect in unprecedented ways. But while the internet is indeed an effective tool for spreading art, if you aren’t searching for something specific, it likely won’t reveal itself to you. Street artists say f*ck that. Their form is immediate and imposing. It pops up in your face and […]

THIS IS | Rodney Lucas

Trayvon Martin’s Parents Want More Action, Less Conversation

VICE spoke with Trayvon Martin’s parents about Trump and their docuseries ‘Rest in Power.’

This Is | Guy Okazaki

High School Senior Explains How “Students Demand Action” Is Working to End Gun Violence

April Ma is the founder of the Johnson County, Kansas chapter of SDA.

What does OFFF really mean?

Taking place 24 - 26 May, the ever-popular design festival promises to delight with a range of innovative and international speakers, plus workshops, activities and performances.

How is health care in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria? No one knows.

In Puerto Rico, locals say the best way to know whether someone died because of Hurricane Maria is to turn up at a morgue or funeral parlor rather than consult official sources.